Getting your first mortgage- a mortgage guide for first time borrowers

Without a proper plan, getting your first mortgage can be difficult.  The process is long, tiring and requires a lot of finances. For lenders, giving out a first time mortgage can be a huge risk.  First time buyers are inexperienced, more likely to have a lower down payment and don’t have any idea of how to balance their income to make the monthly mortgage payments. First time home buyers also do not have property to put down as collateral for the mortgage, which can also be a deal breaker for lenders.

 First time buyers have little to no experience when it comes to holding a mortgage, which may cause difficulty for the lender when it is time to collect the payments. You are more likely to have a shorter credit history and lower credit points which is not a good sign. The first thing you should do before considering the application is to check your credit report. A poor history of unpaid depts. And pending loans will automatically disqualify you for a loan with most lenders.

The next step you should take is to get a Pre-qualification letter to check your eligibility in order to reduce the likelihood of getting rejected. You will need a permanent job, a credit card and down payment in order to qualify for a mortgage. You must have a proof of employment and consistent income. The lenders want to make sure you can make the monthly payments on time.

Remember, you can still get several rejections even when you think you are eligible for a mortgage. Lenders consider other factors when approving your mortgage. If you own a private business or have changed your job status recently, you will find it difficult to qualify for a mortgage.

Your down payment will determine the amount of money you get from the lender as a mortgage. Huge down payments will give you good benefits like high mortgages and low interest rates. Making a low down payment might do the opposite for your mortgages. If you do not have a deposit, you could consider guarantor mortgages, through which a guarantor, such as a family member or friend, becomes your mortgage’s security.

Different lenders have different interest rates and payment policies. First time buyers commonly known to take the first offer they get from their lenders. It is also common for people to ask for mortgage loans from brokers while banks and other loan companies offer the same services. It is important to research all your potential creditors to find the best offers for you. This will help you make the best long-term financial decisions.  One easy way to find the great mortgage deal is to ask for referrals from your friends and family.  You could get a great mortgage deal just by asking around.

Final word

Following these guidelines to improve the chances of getting your first mortgage form a reputable lender. The process of getting a mortgage can prove to be difficult and will need a lot of patience and professionalism.